Robert Kiyosaki’s 8 rules for success

It’s no secret that almost every poor person dreams of being rich. But is living in their fantasies enough to achieve financial prosperity? Robert Kiyosaki, the renowned Japanese author of Rich Daddy, is convinced that anyone can become rich just by putting their thoughts in order. He lists eight rules for success, which should guide anyone who wants to find wealth.

1. You must have a strong desire to get rich

A weak dream of wealth will not make you successful. In order to get rich, you must despise poverty with all your heart and have a strong desire for prosperity. Only a great desire will help you attain wealth.

2. Be sure that you will definitely become rich

All our thoughts are material. It is said not in vain: whatever we radiate, we receive. Therefore, never say the following phrases:

“I don’t have the money for it,”

“I am poor,”

“I am not worthy of wealth,”

“I will never become rich,” etc.

If you want to become financially independent, you have to think like a rich and successful person. The phrases should be something like: “I can become rich”, “I have money for everything”, etc.

3 Get rid of the constant fear of losing money

If you dream of getting rich, you need to learn how to invest money so that it works for you in the future and not the other way around. Of course, this is a significant risk, and money losses are not ruled out. However, you need to find the courage to accept this lesson and realise that behind these small losses there is a major financial success waiting for you. Fear of losing money only hinders your prosperity.

4. You have to cut back on your spending for a while.

You will have to be patient for a while, denying yourself some pleasures. The successful person understands that in order to achieve a grandiose goal, you must first invest financially in your business. A person must be sure that after investing the money, he will never deny himself anything again. Some people think that they have to buy expensive things and trinkets to look like a rich person. In fact, it is not things that make a person rich, but his thoughts and actions.

How can you consider yourself rich if you spend your last money to buy an expensive car or a luxurious flat? A financially independent person realises that he still has a lot of money that will always work for him.

5. Encourage the reduction of liabilities and the accumulation of assets

Liabilities bring in one expense, reducing profits. Let’s say you live in an expensive flat rather than renting it out. At the same time, you spend huge amounts of money each month from your meagre budget on utilities.
Assets contribute to your income. These can include businesses, investments, rental properties, creative fees, etc. So try to build up assets and get rid of liabilities.

6. Don’t be afraid to quit your day job to grow your business

In this way you can invest for your future. It is very important to build up assets, so that they generate passive income for you. If you don’t have start-up capital, this shouldn’t be a barrier to success. We are now living in an age of great opportunity. And to set up your own business, you must have an idea.

7. Get to know investing

You may not have a lot of funds at the initial stage but that shouldn’t be a barrier to the success of your business. To gain financial freedom, you need to learn the art of investing. Learn how to invest your money so that it will make you a profit in the future. For example, you can buy and sell stocks. Over time, you will be able to sell your business and live off your investments. Only then can you be called financially independent.

8. Fall in love with money

This is perhaps one of the most important rules. You must love money. Try to think about it, talk about it a lot, and fantasize about how you can make more of it. Take a genuine interest in money so that you can be financially free.